The Right Way of Performing Decline Dumbbell Pullover

BodyBuilding Blog has a host of articles that talk about workout regimes, nutrition and overall fitness. One of the posts emphasizes specially on decline dumbbell pullover. Many people practice this exercise but most of them do it wrong.

Mentioned below is a step-by-step procedure of performing this exercise in the right way.

The Beginning

Step 1- Decline bench should be set at around 45 degrees and keep the dumbbell handy on the ground.

Step 2- Lie down with your face up and with your hips to head fully supported. Knees should be properly bent and feet should be anchored at the right place.

Step 3- Ask one of your partners to hand you over the dumbbell. Place both your palms right against the inside portion of dumbbell. Now extend the arms towards the ceiling and hold them straight.

Step- Lock a slight bend near your elbows.

Execution of the Exercise

Step 1- Keep your arms as straight as possible and slowly lower the dumbbells towards the floor right behind the head.

Step 2- Now you should be a bit careful here. Feel the stretch in the pecs and keep a control on the weight to make sure that dumbbell is not traveling very fast to bang the floor. This also takes unnecessary tension off your muscles.

Step 3- As soon as the dumbbell reaches a position, which is just an inch away from the ground start squeezing the lats to follow the reverse direction, pulling the tool up and above your face towards the quads.

Step 4- Start squeezing the lats for sometime and start repeating for reps.

Errors to Avoid

  1. Bending the elbows while decline pullover will make you feel the involvement of your triceps. This reduces the focus on your lats and thus defeats the whole purpose. In other words make sure your arms are as straight as possible all throughout.
  2. Do not stop the range of the motion before it should be stopped. The biggest benefit of this exercise is increased time of tension and if you stop earlier than the full range then the net impact won’t be as expected.

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